Is starting a new air fleet worth it?

I’ve been playing the game for a few weeks now. I managed to buy everything I can in INN, moved to BRI and bought almost everything I could. So before I move to PRG after doing everything I can in BRI, I thought of maybe starting a new air fleet since I never really paid attention to it until recently.

Then, the latest update came, I am really happy that an update was released because in my mind, new update = new stuff. After a few minutes of playing in the latest update, it dawned on me, that my whole plan just got destroyed. I was really frustrated with the new update that I took to this forum see what happened to other players. I may have a lot of complaints about the new update but I’m not the type to voice it in forums like this.

So, I uninstalled the game(don’t know why, maybe because of frustration?) and took 2 days of rest from the game to think about the new update. I saw in this forum that some players are doing fine despite the changes that happened. But, the difference is, they have at least a bit of leeway to cope with it, and I have none of that. So I thought to myself that maybe starting over again and getting used to it right from the start is better than rearranging my sloppy plans to cope with the sudden changes.

Since I just reinstalled the game to start over again. I thought that maybe I should start my own air fleet because now I have a bit of knowledge about how the game works. I know that there are some changes in managing a fleet too but never really understood what is changed there.

So I’m just asking if is it good or worth it to start a new fleet now that the new update is released?

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IMO your own fleet is always a usefull asset. Even S planes will on certain routes make like 800 ₩ compared to the normal 150max for NPC S planes. I advise that you get your own fleet


Ok, thanks. I’ve been curious about it since I got jealous of everyone’s fleet in this forum. Since I don’t have real money to splurge on this game, working hard for it is the only way and I don’t want my hard work to all go in vain because of my inexperience.

Another tip is to establish a connection with another player so you will always be guaranteed to receive large quantities of airplanes, try searching this topic

In case you are interested I have some planes in PRG that I could send to your BRI, or some planes in BRI that I could send to your PRG.

Thanks. I might try LfC in the future since I basically reset my progress in the game, like back to zero with only INN unlocked.

I can give a little help in your INN, send a request to PRG, my nick is AbuloAir

Thanks, will try now

I will accept it right now, I just need you to tell me your local time and a time that is good for me to send the planes.

Local time in my place as I’m writing this is 23:40. So maybe like 12 hrs from now just to be sure.

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It’s mostly better to have a connection partner in the same time zone for short range connections, because the flights need just something around an hour and the planes wait “only” four hours to be handled. My connection from my BRI to @sueira70 PRG runs very slow because he is in brasil and I am in Germany.

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It may be not a wise decision to commit your own planes to connection partners early in the development of your airport. There are more “rewarding” destinations with a higher income than the INN’s, BRI’s and so on.

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But don’t you get the tokens for new destinations then?

I’m new to this forum so I don’t know anyone here that is from the same time zone as I am.

You could ask in the “Looking for connections” part of the forum

That’s why I said that I will try it in the future. Plus, I don’t really plan commit to it at the moment since I have pretty much zero knowledge on how it works

Thanks, I might try in the future since I just started from the scratch again and would like to gather more info about before doing it

That is right. But calculate the difference between the “connection reward” and the highest available “non connection reward” x 100.

It’s a choice between an achievement and one golden plane (W 10.000,-) and lot’s of W’s.


True :+1:

For anyone starting out at INN or considering building a fleet I would highly recommend the Video Tutorial at INN created by the developer. In 28 minutes they purchase their first airplane at INN.

On a side note, since the 1.2.6 update I have been spending more time in INN & BRI than NGO & IAD.
The game has a great pace at the small airports and landing the small planes is a blast.

The point of the game is to be entertaining and fun. With the addition of the Saab, and the landing minigame INN is immensely fun.