Is there a way I can Transfer Any Plane Aircraft To Another Airport

I’m New to SXM here, and I want to Transfer Any Large plane from any airport to there is there a way?
If you don’t understand What I’m saying is: Can You Transfer Planes Size From Any Airport Eg: Nagoya, Iad, PRG To SXM


No, currently you cannot take your fleet from one airport and run it at a different one.
Devs are planning to allow this and have been for some time, but right now the functionality doesn’t exist and I’m not sure when the plan is to bring the feature into the game


Hopefully soon. This is what I would have prioritised myself.

Hi guys,

With the last updates, now is possible to transfer planes to another airport? Is it anoying to not doing this because we invest REAL money to have planes and liveries.

I look forward for an answer.

Thanks. Have a nice flight.

@carlsberg72 @Danielionutb Good morning !! Let’s hope they add this feature as soon as possible! the same goes for contracts :crossed_fingers: thank you

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Good morning.

I hope so, is really frustrating to not have the planes at other airports.

Now I have seen a video from Phat airlines on a recent live stream which shows that some aircraft that he claimed can be used for other airports. And I found out that if you have the Premium pass some aircraft can be used at all airports If they don’t have the 3 letter airport code on the card

Where can i find the 3 letter code from aircraft?

I have salvaged some of the video from his video to show as an example

Ok, so where is no code means that you can transfer to other airports. Correct me if i say wrong.

The code is that this aircraft is only available at this airport while the no code means that it can be used at any airport

Let me be very clear here.

  1. There are some cases with premium passes, where aircraft secured can be claimed for other airports. It’s a one time thing and once you select the airport it’s stuck there.
  2. Right now there are 0 (I repeat 0) abilities to transfer aircraft from one airport to another.

It has been on the devs radar for a while, but has not yet been moved forward.


Not just premium passes, but yes