Is WOA slowly becoming P2W?

After the last update, we have to play golden planes for new colours!!! REALLY?! What Is this? We coul d have different colours for free but after the recent update we need to play 2 GPs…
This just makes the game P2W. As not everyone can grind GPs that easily (you can purchase them with real Money). Something similiar happened when San Diego got released, you COULDN’T sell your Planes for GPs unless they have flown a required amount of nautical miles.
I am sorry if I am rude but this Is true, Now you have to pay for re-collouring with only golden planes. Adding more paywalls will just make this game die and lose it’s fame. So many games added paywalls and most of them are dead.

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It’s always been like this. It’s not new. Free can be free but it’s going to take a long time. I might also remind you that GP’s are the ONLY source of player income. There are no ads, which is unique in a game of this sort and believe me there are a lot of games that are way worse than this plus they have ads.

  1. Pay for colors - outside of the standard ones provided, it’s been there forever. I can go back months of colors that I have purchased
  2. Selling planes for GP’s. That happened because the volume was tilted way too far in the players direction. I have bought plenty of GP’s for real dollars but i also gained over $200 worth by selling planes. Economically for the devs that’s suicidal and I wasn’t the only one. Choice : Play game buy/earn or no game, it really was that simple
  3. All liveries outside of basic were GP required, if they moved basic into that category, so be it. Frustrating but did I mention there are NO ads…people seem to forget that really quickly.

Look I can see if you were used to getting a ton of stuff free and now you don’t that it’s frustrating, of course people want stuff for nothing especially in countries that are economically disadvantaged and they don’t have the money to pay. But the above decisions had to be made. This stuff is expensive to build as much of it is human capital, plus server costs, royalties etc. it’s a small team so anything specific they can’t do, they have to farm out, that also costs money. If you don’t have ads in a game (which everyone hates for the most part) how else do you make money. As at the end of the day that’s the goal of the exercise.

I am sure I will get badly flamed by folks here including yourself for this response, but I believe the devs are some of the best out there and are producing a great and balanced game. Just my opinion.


No, I am talking about the airplane colouring. You have to pay for new colours, not liveries.

I would be mad and inconsiderate if I wanted a game so exciting that I play all the time, to be free or near free.

People pay 100s of dollars to buy mobile devices, but they are unwilling to pay $5 or $10 to enhance their experience (if not to reward the devs). Beats me.


I already gave an idea, the game skyrama brought a single-engine plane pulling phrases for you to be able to talk to other players, if they did it with planes pulling company advertisements eg: Coca-Cola, Pepsi who decided to sponsor the game would be perfect, advertising signs that they may have around the airport, car parking, aircraft gates etc … it would not leave the game polluted with those 15 sec or 30 sec advertisements, it would get an extra budget and it would make it easier for us players, facilitating gains from golden planes and paying more for routes from more distant destinations.

Now I have to agree that it is in fact the best game of all that I have played to date and I do not care to help if I need to buy more planes etc …
However, this idea of ​​having advertisements around the airport or even at the boarding gate. It would be an advertisement that would not hinder the game and would certainly bring revenue to companies that wanted to sponsor the game. Since the game has become one of the most played in the world.

I’m passionate about this game and I’ll always congratulate this development team Note:I still want the Fokker 100 hahahahahahahahaha


You’ve always had to pay for the colours if you don’t want the default ones. In 9 months I’ve changed mine more times than I can remember & I’ve paid GP’s everytime I’ve done it.

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Was the same before has been for a long time. There were some basic colors they gave you and then every other hex code you wanted to unlock was 1GP. If you have already unlocked those colors it shouldn’t re charge you. I added all the new types and it accepted my current livery without an issue.

I just checked and all my colors I already have are free, if I want a new one it’s 1 GP per color.

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It charges 2 GP’s if you change 2 colours. If it’s been free all this time I’ve been doing something seriously wrong :thinking:

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Or 3 if you go really crazy lol :slight_smile: which I have done many times

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Ha ha, last of the big spenders :joy:

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Yall are crazy or your game is glitched, I changed all colors of my fleet and for free

You can change them for free with the base colors or any you have purchased before
Any hex codes not provided by the devs are chargeable at 1GP per color :slight_smile:

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Ohz I’m not good with hex codes so that doesn’t worry me but that’s a little stupid