Issues with the game

I wanted to let you know that there have been difficulties with me being able to get into the game! I will add the image in the description but I don’t know what I should do to fix this issue?

can you please try to deal with this ASAP!


Greg Hirschberg

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Read the instructions on the screen whenever something goes wrong.
Contact WoA on Instagram (, Facebook ( or email to:

Contacting them through Instagram is the fastest way since they are most active there, if you don’t have Instagram, you can ask me or a friend to do so…

Just send them a message describing (in short) how and when it happened (like while playing at a airport or when launching the game etc) and send the screenshot. It would help Devs help you quickly.

Hello can you help me? I already message the them on instagram they didn’t respond to my inquiry, hope you can help me

Is there another way I can contact them?
Thank you