Issues with the game

I wanted to let you know that there have been difficulties with me being able to get into the game! I will add the image in the description but I don’t know what I should do to fix this issue?

can you please try to deal with this ASAP!


Greg Hirschberg

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Read the instructions on the screen whenever something goes wrong.
Contact WoA on Instagram (, Facebook ( or email to:

Contacting them through Instagram is the fastest way since they are most active there, if you don’t have Instagram, you can ask me or a friend to do so…

Just send them a message describing (in short) how and when it happened (like while playing at a airport or when launching the game etc) and send the screenshot. It would help Devs help you quickly.

Hello can you help me? I already message the them on instagram they didn’t respond to my inquiry, hope you can help me

Is there another way I can contact them?
Thank you

Hi, I am not using instagram or facebook. I tried to send an email with no success, email account does not exist.
When I launch the game, while authenticating, I get this famous error message below >>
Our security checking system found out some issues with your account called TwistedChiHuaHua7127. Please contact our suppo…

So please let me know why am I having this issue and how to fix it. I was just enjoying the game, actually I was just using for relaxing during the stressful flights.


The email address above is slightly wrong

Should be

Unfortunately this is not something you can fix it has to be done by the devs and if you don’t have access via the other routes this is the only way to contact them.

Thanks, I have noticed the typo when I visit G-Play page of the game. But it was surprising when received an error message like “this email account does not exist.” To be fairly honest, at first I thought the game discontinued any more. But **when I sent the email to the right address, they replied momentarily with the solution. **

Thanks for your reply however.