Jet2 livery (A321N)

I’d really like to see the jet2holidays livery in the new livery, not sure if anyone else dose but I’d really love it in game!!
I’d also like to see the Titan airways livery, however I’d prefer the jet2holiday!!!


As an avid Jet2 fan myself, I’d love to see the Jet2 A321 and A21N added, especially as I’ve flown on one of the A321s and flying on one of their A21Ns in August. There is a suggestion I made in the European livery suggestions thread, so now it’s just a matter of waiting to see if it is, or isn’t, posted as part of the liveries for 2.3


Do you mean like this ol’ chap

They already have Jet2 737-800 but if you want more jet2 aircraft that’s pefectly fine

Well yes but I think they should also have there jet2holidays livery and make the A321 and maybe even the B757-200

Yes that livery!!

Unfortunately there is no Jet2 A321 or A21N. Hopefully in a future update they’ll be added :crossed_fingers:


Maybe jet2 757 regular livery

or ask the Devs

If I could I’d make it my personal goal to get a Jet2 757 added! :rofl:

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Add this topic to new planes in Europe and don’t open another thread

This livery has already been suggested by myself in livery suggestions, this turned into more of a discussion regarding the possible addition of this livery.