IN THE WORKS Updates in 1 month
GameCenter is KetAirReal :small_airplane:

Current Hub For KetAir isNagoya :shinto_shrine::jp:
:crown: gold wollars 14
:coin: silver wollars 130,718

WoApedia :bar_chart: 187

Leader board ranks :signal_strength:

Handled Passengers🚻 rank 4,792 with handling 4,945,937 loyal customers of KetAir🛂

Handles Airplane :airplane: Rank :signal_strength: 4,643 handling 13,164 planes :airplane:

Handled Cargo​:package: In tons rank :signal_strength: 826 with 173,365.155 tons

Completed contracts 3,951 rank with 1,080 completed

I’m closing this