Kinda Realism idea

My idea is that if an airline contract aircraft reaches it’s destination airport it will stay there until the player starts the game so you don’t have all planes arriving at the same time when you come back on the next day and can continue the flow you had before without an overcrowded airport. (edited: I just got also the idea: timeplans for arrivals that player could create based on real time so ppl can have an arrival plan that is designed to work perfectly with sleeping an other stuff ppl have to do)

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I agree. Just woke up and 30+ plane waiting for landing.

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I like this :+1:

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One issue is that when you’ve sent all of your planes over (assuming you can), then what? Wait around and do nothing?

What about planes that have a 2 hour flight time from their airport, then what?

Should be real time for plane dep&arival you have more than 100 contract if you play more than 6 hour you cant handle all plane


Especially since a day in the game itself goes by too quick for the way the flights come in/go out and are handled

You can always switch to the next airport.
And if you have long periods where your airport is empty you can simply change the schedule

I imagine this would cause issues for new players just starting at INN.

No airport to switch too, only limited arrivals, etc.

If this was going to be implemented, we’d need a MASSIVE increase in contract limits and a decrease in the timers to get new AI contracts otherwise what is already a slow grind will take far too long for new players.

They could just let airlines fly multiple times to the airport and than reaplace some slots at the end (so ATR-72 600 to VIE for example like many times a day or so)

Or the flights just stop when you leave the game and restart when you go back to that particular airport.
Maybe having the option to do so.
I am very unmotivated to play the game by now because I know that at any airport there are dozens of planes waiting to land at once.

See…I’d rather come back to dozens of planes waiting to land than no planes waiting to land lol.

I get that, that’s why I would make it optional, like the mini-games