KLM 101th Anniversary Dest Removal

When will the KLM 100th Dest be removed its starting to get on my Nerves

In what way?

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Cheap route, more aircraft. I mean 1W to unlock a full KLM fleet, it’s a dream come true for most players! It’s not really any different to having a full set of KLM unlocked on a regular route.

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Hear, hear :wink:

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However, with the point of the KLM anniversary. I was expecting the 100 years stickers on the aircraft.

This also reminds me, that WoA turns one year old in the next week!


Yea that’s what I was Expecting they aren’t in the 100th Sticker Livery

I must confess, that I expected nothing. I was just grateful to get another arrival/departure for free.