Kuba's Response to Feedback over 2.0

In case some of you aren’t in the WOA Discord, below is a post from one of the devs with regards to feedback of 2.0 and auto takeoffs and landings. Remember, when giving feedback, please be always respectful towards the devs. They are trying their best to make the game enjoyable for everyone.

*Note that this post was a month ago

And I can tell you that position hasn’t changed. There maybe some updates coming that don’t have it and are focused on fixing bugs and stuff. But they are actively working on it.
2.0.2 will be arriving soon.

General comment (not directed at the OP): But please for the love of all things holy, do NOT assume things are coming in the next update. That is rarely the case unless the Devs specifically say that and even then sometimes things get delayed…

It’s still a small team and the coding is complex, so be nice, give them time and stop threatening things like boycotts, bad reviews and generally abusive posts. It gets nowhere and devs thinking what’s the point…


Yep, I’m aware. This was for those that want the auto takeoff and landings and for them to know that the devs are looking into it.

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Yea got that