L aircraft at IAD

Any idea why there is such a HUGE time difference for the L aircraft vs the XL aircraft at IAD in regards to catering? I looked at the M stands as well, and the time there is 4:30??? This doesn’t make any sense

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because the A380 has nearly double the capacity of a 787. therefore you get more money for handling.

I understand that, but how do you explain only 4:30 for M stand aircrafte???

M-aircraft like the A320 have 180 pax, L-aircraft have between 400-500 pax and the XL-aircraft have between 600 and 800 pax. More pax take more time but you’ll be rewarded with more money :grin:

Shouldn’t the M stand to L stand be double time like the L to XL stands then?

those timers area bit confusing, before that you saw the numbers of pax departing and entering the aircraft

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I’m not complaining about the time/money at all. Just seems a bit odd to me the the M stands are 4:30, L is 6:00, and XL 15. I figured the L would me around 10 or so that’s all

this depends on the type of aircraft. A B737 has 189 pax ingame and an E190 around 120 pax, both are M-aircraft. A B747 has 605 pax and an A380 has around 850 pax, both are XL. So there’s a big difference of capacity within the category that the game reflects with different times.

Bigger plane = more food

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There is nothing wrong and definiately its not a bug.

Ok, and why is A380 (13:34) clean up sooner, than B787 (14:28)?

Who knowes… :wink:
A) A380 is easier to clean
B) A380 is newer, so cleaner by itself
C) A380 is double deck, so 2 groups are cleaning.

just kidding right :wink:

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