L Cargo to BRI

After the last update other players have been able to send Large Cargo planes to my BRI but BRI can only handle S/M cargo.

That’s not right🤔

Luckily the planes only stick around until the arrival timer fills.

here is the problem
World of Airports_2021-06-24-17-31-21
World of Airports_2021-06-24-17-30-11
World of Airports_2021-06-24-17-51-11
World of Airports_2021-06-24-17-33-39

So what I’m seeing is that the game is recognizing that Bari has cargo potention AL, and allowing cargo aircraft to land, just not the right sizes

BRI can handle 1 M and 3 S cargo…

However it also can handle 2 L PAX planes.

So that is an anomaly in the game.

But for connection purposes BRI can’t land L Cargo and it just passes out to the arrival slots after 12 mins… without landing.

15 minutes, but yes, I believe it’s just a minor miscode