L/XL Parking from a 90º Angle

Devs, it’s impossible to park these planes from a 90º angle. If the algorithm is going to pick those planes randomly, players need to be able to swing the nose of the plane out further than the current limits allow in game in order to swing the tail out enough to line up. The current limits will never allow you to park it straight so it’s a waste of time, and it’s kind of a middle finger to the players in not picking a small/med plane to park for the badges. If you watch the AI park a large/xl plane from a 90º in game, the AI can’t even park the plane straight without “sliding” the back end of the jet in a way that players do not have the option for. Please remove the outer limits if the game is going to randomly pick a large/xl plane to park.

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I parked the planes so, it’s clearly not an issue with the game, now calm down and practice,
The ai never parks straight as when they never swing the nose out, and if you guiding them in, hold it all the left/right, depends on where the aircraft is coming from, then once the rear tires are matching the parking line, line the front tires with the line and boom, perfect parking

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Please don’t patronize. I’ve parked L\XL before too, but only the ones that don’t start at 90°. I use the same method as you, there’s not enough time to get the back wheel to the line. I hold the directions down before the animation even begins, so please preach to me how easy it is. I’ve been playing long enough to nail small and medium almost every time, and l\xl when they aren’t stated at 90°.

Yeah the x-large planes like the A380 are almost impossible to get a 100%, maybe it is practice since I have been able too accomplish it a few times, very difficult though… BTW what’s with the front wheel swinging to one side or the other on its own right at the end?

Patronize? The hell does that mean
I also can say I haven’t parked many xl/L but these ways have worked perfectly for me soooo…

I never successfully parked an X plane at Prague…just too hard if not impossible. I do ok to park X plane from 90deg at IAD and NGO.