Landing and takeoff runway

hi, I wanted to ask if there is a future update regarding the runway for arrivals and departures, I noticed that in all airports it always remains the same runway instead it would be, in my opinion, more interesting if maybe the runway changed at each login, just to not always have the same pictures

What’s your max airport, cause the 1 runway airports are running the irl operating runway, until IAD then there’s a takeoff and landing

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right now as far as I am aware there are no specific plans because it requires a major coding change to allow for such a thing. The fact that the runway number is even on the screen suggests it is being considered, but it depends on the priority the devs give it as part of the overall game roadmap

hello, maybe I didn’t explain myself well, I didn’t mean to dispute the fact that there is only one runway, but instead of always having the same landing direction and take off it could also change the runway direction depending on the wind, in this way even the path of the planes to get to the gate or to reach the runway must follow different paths instead of seeing them always the same track, that’s all!.. maybe is too complicated to perform such changing mode…
if you play “unmatched air traffic control”, after several login game play the landing runway it changes.

no, understood perfectly and my original comment stands, it requires major coding changes to do that and the devs have a number of priorities right now, so as i said it maybe a consideration down the road, considering they added that information to the game screen, but no plans right now to offer such a feature.