Landing and takeoff with one button

It would be nice in future updates to have a single landing and takeoff button without so much protocol, yesterday I forgot to take off some planes.

Devs are looking into something to help, but for now you have to do it yourself

Yes for now it will be like this.

But those different buttons allow us to have greater control over what we are trying to do. So why are the devs trying to find a way around.

Because of the amount of people complaining about having too much control…

It is not about the flights landing automatically, on the contrary manually but with a single landing and takeoff button, not two buttons.

What button exactly is this about? Just making sure we are talkibg about the same thing.

The idea is to land and take off the planes only once manually.

Once they leave the apron, they should be cleared to takeoff as soon as they get there if there isn’t incoming landings….
Bring back the priorities button!!

For me priorities button should be back but I like a manual control. Maybe priorities button we should choose:

  • more automatic landing (based on list)
  • all manual control
  • equal automatic landing and takeoff (based on list)
  • more automatic takeoff (based on list)