Landing minigame appears for every landing

As the title said. Small caveat - this only happened to me once on prg and only for my own planes. I got a full 11 minigames back to back. Pretty fun though :joy:

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Landing is only for player owned planes. Its not a bug its intentional.
Only your own planes can be ILS landed (to avoid stupid youtube videos about i.e: “stupid XXXX airline pilots”.


But is it supposed to happen for every single aircraft or just occasionally?

Every single aircraft thay you own. (other players and AI planes are not included in minigame).


Why would you want to land every single aircraft you own??

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yeah, it’s a bit annoying especially with the yellow marker-bug you miss plenty of waiting aircraft.

i’d highly appreciate a button or option where i can turn off minigames at all. i’m sure it’s fun for many players but for me it’s just something annoying :innocent:


That will have to wait till next update anyway. Maybe its time to thin the fleet :slight_smile: you have tons of ingame money I am sure because game was way to easy for a long time.

Does anyone have the settings for this minigame because mine are maybe wrong and I never do even average landing :pleading_face:

It’s in the Settings-Menu at the top left button:

I know it,but which is the best? With Gyroscope or with Joystick?

When I play this minigame I use the gyroscope, because it is easier for me to adjust the plane. When the airport is too busy I switch it off.