Landing of planes

I have after last update issue with the landing of planes. When I sucesfully landed the planes and it is taxing to gate, but after end of session I have to ground same plane again and the queue of aircraft is growing.


This “behaviour” is like this already for months. All landing and “taxiing to stand” aircraft are reset after game closes (or going to main menu) and have to land again.

Its not a bug working as intended.

I find this still sad but I think it’s very difficult for developers to fix this.

It is not broken. It stops people spam planes and have all of them immediately at the gate… it was exploit of game mechanics in my honest opinion.

You get me wrong, I mean ideally would be that the planes are still on taxiway when you close and then reopen the app. But that is probably hard to fix. This is indeed a better sollution since the middle way is not possible.

No, I do understand game mechanics = its not broken.

Ok so why did they choose to delete all planes from taxiway’s when closing the game and opening it a bit later? (So I don’t mean teleport them to gate)

  1. players were spamming arrivals and restart of the game made those planes right at gates.

  2. its about server side confirmation - there is no mark that plane is “confirmed” at gate before its phisically there.