Landing Queue

Playing on iOS.
I’m in late game IAD, having nearly all the stalls researched and no arrivals available, there are only about 12 planes on the ground in their stalls and about 50ish planes queueing to land.

The game cannot give me more of a challenge as the “working rate” has stagnated to the landing flow. Everytime I quit my game the planes landed and on their way to the stall reset and need to land again, worsening the effect.

Please allow for a way to land airplanes on both runways, letting us choose the “designation” of the runway in aiding more landing crafts to increase the challenge

Or does someone have a way to improve this in game?

50 Planes in the queue is a bit " overdone". IAD is perfect for handling a lot of planes at the same time. Just accept them as they are presented. You can’t hurry them on!

Use the gates only at the arrival side of the airport. That is the quickest way for servicing. When one is vacant, use that again.


Thank you for replying. For now I indeed only accept them when presented (I don’t see any other way how) which has resulted me with that long queue.

I try to concentrate arrivals at the beginning, thank you for that advise. However hardly 1/3rd of the airport is ever being used. Some development to avoid this would be appreciated

When you handle more planes the frequency of landing will go down. If you play long enough there will be almost no queue anymore. Otherwise stop accepting when there are more than 5 in that queue.

Thank you for replying.
I’ve seen a few threads where people suggest to stop accepting.

But I don’t fully comprehend; what’s the difference between having a short landing queue and letting the planes sit in the buffer before accepting or just accepting them all and let them be in the queue.

The landing frequency stays the same right? What difference does the amount of planes in the queue make to that?

Shorter queue is more control. Helps with servicing own and player planes faster. You can get a lot of them in IAD. But, it’s a personal opinion.

As someone who has a large queue at every airport
That’s how it is, get used to it if you don’t plan on making planes wait