Last update

Iam sorry to say but the last update is bad maybe it’s good for someone who has millions W but otherwise its ruine the game I cant get any plaine is stupid to ask me to pay 30000 W for 3 plaine to land and what I earn from it maybe 3000 w if its extra plaine
You ruined the game I dont see any good reasons to
keep the game there no way you cant build a fleet
I dont understand what you were hope to get this way


sorry Guys, but got to kinda agree here. the new planes/airlines are great, but this pay for slots is not good in my view.

game is still good, but was better before this update.


I also agree with my fellows about the decision made. If you were playing at an airport well structured (my case IAD, with 2 L cargo stands, 3, L cargo stands, 6 L stands, 3 X stands, 5 M stands) and operating at 100%, now it’s used less than 50% of the structure.

As suggestion, the old flights and destinations available in the previous version, should be automatically available and continuing operating for those old user’s that has already achieved the development in the game.

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I don’t think they “ruined the game”.
Slots should be cheaper, maybe 500 S planes, 750 M, 1000 L, 1250 XL, just a suggestion

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This is exactly how I feel also. They killed it for me too. I started just over a week ago and was on my third airport. And now they’ve made it basically impossible for me to work anything with my airports. I can’t use the places I’ve ALREADY PURCHASED because now I have to buy the slots also. I have a full airport at Bari but it’s only getting six planes a time. It’s not fair.

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Exactly! And slots need to be cheaper. They just smacked us in the face with this update.

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Hi as a developer need to comment it.

  1. Until current update you never purchase any slots. You purchase STANDS on airport. It has no influence on which airlines comes to airport. This is without any change.

  2. Incoming arrivals/airlines were on our decision and sometime happens that new airlines never comes to some players. This is something what was changed by current update. This feature was requested by players. They will decide which airlines will arrive on their airports. This is something what is copying real world and we like it. You open slots for airlines.l and you need to open slots in destinations airports.

  3. This functionality is more than 4 weeks posted on our feedback portal and players may comment it. And they do it. Thats why is unfair to say that nobody hasn’t any info.

  4. Prices And bonuses are still subject for changes but we still keep our basic gameplay idea. If you play enough you dont need to spend any real money. And this functionality allow it. You can open new arrivals by playing (progress by each tier) and we add special bonus to get some ingame money above normal income.

I understand that this change has positive and negative feedbacks. Main purpose of this feature is to give new challenges to our players and to give possibility to choose which airlines will come to my airport.


Just wanted to add that, I am loving the new planes and liveries. I don’t mind the challenge of the update and hope you guys keep it up. Keep adding new planes. I’ll keep flying. again Love this game.


Ok i was not aware of this. Apologies for my comments about not giving info :joy:

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Personally, I really like this update. Developers have done a lot of work and you can really see that.I play this game from the first version and what developer are doing is really fantastic: they are doing something different from the others aviation games and this update is the real proof of that. I don’ t play every day and I don’t have a large fleet like other players but, If you buy two or three destination and you play with a bit of logic (not only tap on landing button with an infinite landing queue) airport have constantly aircraft on stand… and, with this quantity of air traffic, you have a decent income to expand your airport’s destinations… and then the airport itself… and finally you can see that all the mechanism of the new update start working at the state of art.


I am sorry to be the one to break the party but I am sure the develop team work hard on it and thank them for that I understand the idea you wanted to give the player the option with airliners will arrive to his airport but its seems to me you dont understand the problem that all of us who wrote said the same thing you shouldn’t charge w for the slot the taxes you put on the slot or on opening the airport maybe there are heavy old player that have a problem on what to spend there w great for them but for me and most of the players who are trying to bulled airports or airliner its ruined the game sorry to be the the one to break it to you but i really dont see why I should play the game if I pay 30 or 40 thousand to open an airport and then another 30 thousand for a slot that maybe sand me one plaine if you didn’t do the math indeed to spend about 70000 w just so I can earn back maybe 800 or 1000
Now I dont know about you but in math it means that for every plaine I lose about 69000 w and iam very sorry but I dont see how can I play the game and build airliner if I only lose all the time I sorry I said it before but maybe you dont want to understand I dont find any good excuses to waste my time on a game iam losing before I even start to play so i am sorry to say but if this is how it’s going to continue iam sorry to say i will delete the game and quit and hope in the future maybe you will leasen when some body tell you there is a problem…

Hi, opening cost for destination is same as was before. Cost for slots is new but you can open them by playing (10 handled planes is not so much I think) too no need to spend W. If you have own plane it is about 2 flights and you get W for new opening if you dont like spend so much time with playing. But still is your choice. Same if you dont like just delete it and enjoy some other games.


Hey, i Play the game since a month i think… And i have the Same Problem like the others here… You cant handle 10 Planes to get one 30.000w Slot, min. 15… You have Play weeks to geht the Same income like before the update! And how to Buy a Plane? You have to Play another week to get a wide Body… The Idea is great, pleas dont get me wrong, but the Planes left to the airports are too Low to make the Game fun anymore… So please make the Balance for people Like me and the others who dont have lots of money fair again…

For me the price for slots is (too) high. I lost my new A380 for buying slots for 737 :slight_smile:
However what give me a pain is red circle…

  1. on PRG I usually have red circle on S planes - even I make is very quick
  2. anyhow if I have even green in some seconds all planes are red…

Normally before the update I delayed the airplane for departure to obtain (or receive) cargo planes - which sometimes requires to occupy all S and M slots.

After update - I have always queue for start and as now no planes at the airport…

Please not force the plane to departure - if possilble to stop ticking after all handling are done.

also maybe some time switcher. Now I have empty airport and have to wait 10 minutes when the aircraft (even my aircraft) make it somehow full.

And one more - can You make the options for making the text bigger - now I have no options (even on I hope big S6) to see the name of the aircompany/playes - I can only guess if it circle is blue it’s mine, sometimes even the “value”/income is not easy to recognize.

Not everyone has a good eyes or magnifier - especially when the sun is shining - You can not recognize anything from very small details

Hi All, i think the update was good but the costs involved in trying to get the necessary money to buy slots is going to be a huge struggle as one will never be able to grow fleet of there own as they would need to spend at least a whole month if not 2 trying to raise the necessary money to purchase the slots. Given the return on servicing the airlines maybe a review on the cost of the slots needs to be considered.

I can’t agree on that one. It is possible, but it takes long.

My recommendations:
Don’t waste your money with buying too many slots, you can constantly unlock them while playing and handling generic planes for free.
Try to invest in your own fleet as soon as possible, because you will get a much higher revenue then. Also try to find a solid connection partner because you don’t need any slots for your partner airlines arrivals/departures and you can even earn another two goldies per completed connection. Some planes you will be able to unlock for free as well, so it always was and it still is possible to get a big fleet. I agree it possibly takes longer after the last update, but you have always the chance to speed up your game and support the devs by buying some goldies. :wink: It took me a couple of months as well getting a big fleet even though I bought 50 goldies once.

Same here, if you already had an A380 why are you selling it? I think selling planes and especially L and X planes to buy slots is the worst decision you can do. You can easily earn 20-40k per flight with an A380, you probably need to handle 737s a whole day to get that much money… If you have own planes - keep it and let them earn money for you. Sell your planes only before maintenance C but then replace it or even buy a bigger one. But focus on one type per category, you can unlock the other planes once your airport is fully upgraded and earning money.

And in regards to your red circles - My experiences showed that you can handle all planes in bonus time once you have upgraded your ground handling services. The only planes which are really tough to handle right now are the new Qs. You will only have a few seconds left even with maxed out handling services before you are out of bonus time.

I think the update is really good, but makes it hard in the beginning. And to have a good progress you now need a bit of a strategy. Before the update there was not much you could do wrong and it was very easy.

That is a problem of the very slow departures, especially in PRG that’s a well known problem. There is not much you can do about. Try not to unlock too many S+M stands in the beginning. E.g. it is nearly impossible to have more than 8 planes at a time at the gates in PRG. If you already have a lot of stands my workaround is to go back to the main menu once you have a long departure queue. If you go back into the game afterwards all departures have left and the arrivals are coming in much faster. That will help you to get a busy airport again.

I really hope these recommendations will help you guys to enjoy the game a little more.

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I am not sure this is entirely accurate since you need departure slots for your connections, unless i am doing something wrong. You don’t need arrival slots though which is a good thing.

I think he meant that money that would have been used to buy an A380 was used to buy slots. I agree that it probably was not the best decision. :grin: a small fleet of A380 could buy many slots.

That’s was probably not the best way to explain from my side, sorry. I was talking only about the planes coming from your connection partner. You don’t need an arrival or departure slot for these planes. Of course if you want to send your own plane to your connection partner you need a departure slot.

OK could be, but even though I can only recommend everyone to get own L and X planes as soon as possible and not investing too much W in S/M planes/slots. It will speed up the process, but I know it is still a long way to get the first big plane. :slight_smile:

I totally agree with you. If you have money for an a380 it is a better investment than the slots.

i have gone from having 30+ planes on the ground at IAD at any time, to having 8 or so, and that has also meant selling my fleet of 8 x E190s so i can try and get Nagoya up and running.

all the X planes ( Lufthansa 747S /Emirates A380/ BA A380s - THE MONEY MAKERS ) are no more, IAD is a ghost town , apart from Southwest 737s.

not going to change anything, but i think the 20000/30000W charges for new arrival routes are too high.