LATAM Chile A21NX?

Anyone have luck finding it? I’ve tried looking for it from SAN/IAD/SXM with no luck.

Did you look in other sout american countries

becuase they might not be in Brazil or Chile

Have you already searched in Peru Lima?

yes, not there. From SXM only 2 destinations have M size PAX contract with LATAM Chile, Quito-Ecuador and Lima-Peru

It’s actually not in the game, maybe as event.

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They have already sent an email to the developers to confirm if it is an event, perhaps it has not appeared due to some error like the Kuwait a320 neo

who is “they”?

Send an email to and ask the developers themselves if it is an event or a failure since this is what happened with the Kuwait a320 Neo that did not appear in certain airports after the update to improve some errors appeared since its absence was also an error, perhaps the developers do not know it and it is better to inform them

Presumably referring to himself