Latest connections

I have a 752 and a 744 available for connections from LHR…

If you are interested please place your user id as a response.

Please note however I have an erratic work schedule. So please be patient for turnarounds at times.

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Is the 744 able to reach SAN?
If so can you send it to me? My username is PizzaIsKool711682

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Let me check, hasn’t landed yet and I’m not sure.

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@carlsberg72 HI! my ID: odREjiO16JQw0NkpJXTH PRG . then we will both be patient since I also have irregular hours! :+1: thank you

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You can send it to me at Muscat or NGO and my username is Player6441009686

If you want I can handle in BRI: Rebemanu


Yes and request sent


Kaseyap for SAN

@carlsberg72 I m StitchInternational from MCT, if you like you can send every size of plane , cargo or pax in the future, if you have one. I m truckdriver in real life , so have the same problem as you. But after restart MCT 3 days ago, i m on game nearly round the clock.