Latest update game crash

Hi there! I’ve tried searching the forum before posting, but didn’t manage to find an answer to this. I’ve just updated the game to version 1.2.6 and the game keeps crashing everytime I tried to load up an airport. I’m playing on an iPad and i’ve tried logging out of game centre and logging back in. Any tips? Thank you!

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  • restart your device and try if its fixed
  • delete app and reinstall it on your device

If that are not the solutions.

  • generation of iPad
  • version of iOS
    Dont know if developers can simulate the device so they know the error and can fix your issue

Same problem here. iPhone6. Before last patch I cloud play. Now I am not able to load any airport.

Thank you so much for your reply.

I’ve tried it all now… turned off/on iPad/deleted the app and reinstalled several times, made sure my iOS was up to date and tried deleting and reinstalling again… unfortunately, it hasn’t solved the issue.

Not sure how to get in touch with tech support. Any advice would be great. Thank you again!