Latest Wish List

Since I haven’t bugged Shill in a while and after all the recent updates and issues I wanted to share my current wish list.

  1. Can we have a virtual clock to show the time at the airports, will help track the day and night cycle better.

  2. Some kind of numbering or labeling for camera views so we can select our favorite quickly. Just a small number in a corner is all that is needed.

  3. Separate section to view schedules of our own planes. Take it out of the purchase menu.

  4. Distinct toggle button for filtering arriving, in service and departing planes and all. So 4 states. Currently we have All and Servicing. Can we also add two more i.e. arriving only and departing only.

  5. Can we please extend the camera cutoff for taking off planes. We can physically pan and see the plane going up but the auto camera cuts of too early. I think this takes away from the beauty of the game.

  6. An overview map of each airport showing the S,M,L and XL slots in a blueprint kind of view, showing ones bought and others available. It takes all kind of gymnastics with the camera to see which slots are still available and for which size. This can be added to the slot purchase menu.

  7. The individual services timers seem to be of very little use and are barely readable. We can see the colour shading moving to estimate the time left anyways. The control menu seems squished and all the text is barely readable now.

  8. Skip button on mini game. Play when ur free, skip when overloaded.

  9. Replace golden plane reward with something more relevant for players over a certain level. With the latest revision it has become even more irrelevant.

  10. Strobe lights on planes at night are negligible. Difficult to spot planes landing and taking off during the night.

  11. Rethink the connect functionality, I think very few people actually like it and find actual connections.

  12. Would like to see special offers and discounts on goldies, plane purchases and liveries. Used to happen earlier but now not so much.

That’s about it. Love the game. Cheers!!


They should be off entirely unless on the runway. Other than that everything there sounds pretty good but as @shill once said “These are quality of life improvements and may come soon” (Or something along the lines of that)

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I though some fan art might be in order. Coming into a new airport it would be nice to know which size stalls can be found where.
Does anyone know if there’s a wiki type page for WoA ?

  1. moooaaar destinations :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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I laughed reading this. :arrow_up: I like all the ideas in the wishlist.

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Wishful thinking I see above hmmmmmmm. All that is in progress mentioned in other topic in announcements.