Leaks for those who didn’t see

This is about a month old but much of it seems to have not been seen by a lot of players so i will post it here. This was all confirmed by kuba in a dev chat last month. Some info is outdated, like A220 obv has already released.

Confirmed by kuba: So plans: BRI remodel, Cape Town in far future, Brazil and/or Chile, Australia, Kai tak

2.1: New Delhi and IAD remodel, all A350 and 787 A320 too

2.0.3 next week is A220

Tower manager in 2.1.
Map on screens is placeholder not a real airport

Engine and sharklets for full A320 family is a tough process, still being considered.

Airports are now thought to be 1-2 months rather than 6, one new or remodeled plane with 20 liveries takes about three weeks, one livery 2-3 hours

Landing gear is a priority but can be implemented after last gen1 airplane is remodeled

New devblog coming soon, will explain tower manager more

Note that the airport dev time was minimum if they do nothing else and that that might be wrong with new partnership.


Great! But how about a321? Does a320 remodel include a321 because 787 remodel includes 788 and 78X. And also a350 remodel includes a359. So will a321 be added with 2.1

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Slight difference. My understanding is that Kai Tak willl be a separate project, not necessarily completely linked to the rest of the game.
The rest of the info here is the same as I have heard from dev conversations too. So I’d say pretty accurate.
As for the 320, we will get the 321 ( and hopefully the 318 too out of the change) but as noted not sure multi engine types and sharklet types will happen.
The new modeling will cut some time off airport creation, but not sure it will be 4 months. Coding is still very complex to do, I’d pitch new airports closer to 4 months, if you include beta testing and fixes before go live.


If Kai Tak will be a different game, will it just include that airport or will it include another classic, say Heathrow in the 70s or 80s?

Well, pretty ambitious!

Just wondering if devs can manage this massive workload like doing multiple airports and multiple aircrafts altogether.

IAD remodel would be awesome as I use IAD for sliver plane mining at this moment (would be DEL later on!). I also would like to check how BRI will be after rework.

As for the old HKG, Kai Tak, I heard a lot of people discussed the potential, but I am not a very big supporter of that as I believe this game should be only about existing airports. However, I’m glad to see this old airport to be included in a different project that focuses on nostalgic stuff.


Will the A320 also come with CFM and IAE?

Me reading all this then losing patience and then saying to myself that the wait will be worth it lol.


As stated in the initial post, engines and sharklets are being considered

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Thanks for this. It gives a bit of insight of what’s going on, behind the scenes
Hopefully some additional features will be included and some small existing ones will be modified


This is what was stated on dev chat.


Has it changed since then?

Also Kai tak is probs still several years out no matter what form it is in because of all the new models and game changes and higher priorities.

Also, the 320/21 is apparently in the works now along with sharklets.


For the IAD model, I wonder if that means we’ll be able to park S and L planes at the D gates and S and M planes at the A/B gates? IAD is my home airport and it would be nice to have the C/D gates used 100 percent for United planes, as they park their 777s and 787s there (and E175s too) and never use the A/B gates for their large planes.

It also would be nice to see in the future if we can get CRJs to be passenger bridge compatible too.


I noticed that at iad, gates c/d are united exclusive and can also handle L planes, with the jetway attaching to the second door.
United Airlines on LinkedIn: Make room for one more, Washington Dulles  International Airport! Our… | 49 comments
Gates a/b are for all other airlines and a few united express flights. Most gates can also handle M, L, and X planes
Midfield Concourse at Washington Dulles International Airport - Hensel  Phelps And I hope that the other two runways will become operational because no matter how hard I try, the airport never seems to be busy.
Dulles international airport virginia hi-res stock photography and images -  Alamy

Can we get the rework by early or mid 2024?


Is there any more transparency what kind of issue it is with winglets/sharklets.


Will there be a A320F and an A321?

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I think it was the sheer number of models and liveries

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Hello. Problem is now that devs have to make model for each combination engine/winglets separately. Idea was to make code in game that could „generate” model from pieces exactly like is need in game. That means less game size.


what do you mean by “less game size”

Means size of game on your device. The more complicated the coding, the bigger the space needed on the device