Leipzig is a disappointment

Title says all really.
It’s a two runway airport, yet planes only use the north one.

Unless you know if the South and West cargo terminals use the south runway, I would love to see both runways in use for both arrivals and departures.

The runway assignment in the game is to be understood as follows!


It’d be more interesting if both zones overlap on the centre section,so planes can choose whichever departure runway they want.

Well, this you would have to ask the developers directly if that would be possible in the future? Unfortunately I can’t say more at this point!


Since there are only exits to the freight part of the airport I think the south runway will only be used by cargo planes in real.

It is indeed the case that the southern runway is also used by Pax aircraft to take off and land, but not as often.
The situation is different for cargo planes, which only use the southern runway during the day, but also use the northern runway to land in the evening and at night.


I don’t completely understand what you are complaining about…

The southern runway is actually used but you have to unlock the cargo terminals in the south.

Admittedly, the southern runway in the late game is more crowded and the northern runway is generally idle due to low traffic in the north air field. I feel bad about this as low efficiency is considered a big issue for me.

It would be great in the future to have the options to manage how planes use runways. But now let’s just wait and see, it is still not a game with long story so try to be somewhat patient.


In IAD and MCT one runway is used as a takeoff runway and the other as a landing runway. Maybe that could be applied here, although a lot of cargo traffic would have to cross the south runway.