LEJ - IAD Connections Requests

Use this thread for LEJ-IAD Connections

L and X aircraft only max 5 of each type for departures

Looking for a connection from my LEJ to your PRG.

Timezone: GMT +1
Username: vardacostaa

Awating! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Your IAD my LEJ


Username: Patista


Looking for connection, I have no planes to send yet, so if you are looking to complete the acheivment don’t connect with me
GMT -6
Available throughout the day, will message you if not or you sent planes at bad time
Thanks for the connection!

Connection made with someone

Looking for connection to my LEJ to your IAD

Player name is T4fty iXi and play GMT+1

So I could handle ur planes, but I can’t sent anyone, and only L Passenger planes please.
When I am building my airport bigger u can sent more

Hi I have no l planes yet so wouldn’t have anything to send

Ho there
I Need connection from your IAD to my LEJ now

UTC +1

Player name Fabriz1980


Hey all.
Looking for a connection from my LEJ to your IAD.
My timezone is -8 (PST) and I am active all throughout the day and night.
User: Von Zivs
I am also an airline pilot so you will be getting random planes throughout the day/ night when I am in between flights. Send a request over!


Could take it but it but i can’t send planes, I only have S and M planes but I can handle all

Central European Summer Time +2 Only active daytime because I’m a 13 so yeah


Who would like to have my A319 NEO from my LEJ to your IAD?