LEJ - INN Connections Requests


Use this thread for LEJ- INN connections

S and M aircraft only with a max of 5 departures of each type

Looking for a connection from my LEJ to your PRG.

Timezone: GMT +1
Username: vardacostaa

Awating! :yum:

Hi vardacosta
I requested a connection. I am GMT+3

Looking for connection, I have a variety of s size cargo, an s pax, an m cargo and an m pax
GMT -6
Available throughout the day, will message you if not or you sent planes at bad time

Hello, I am available and I have sent you a request from my INN.

Hello everyone
Need connection for my INN
From LEJ
From MCT

Add me Fabriz1980
UTC +1

Looking for connection from my LEJ to your INN.
I have just two planes at the moment.
ID: stefan_XS
timezone: UTC+2

Did sent you a request

Looking for connection from my inn to your lej, gmt +1. Have 5 S a/c but quickly growing fleet


Add me please thanks.

If anybody with LEJ can help me, I have INN.
Much appreciated!

Username: GoDuker


Need connection From your INN to my LEJ

Player Fabriz1980


need a connection from my INN to your LEJ
time zone GMT+2
I can handle planes most of the day

Looking for a connection from my LEJ to your INN.
Timezone: UTC +2 (CEST)
Username: Kittyhawk5
Favourite time for playing - all day.

Looking for a connection from LEJ to INN

ID: Brocktherock 92
Timezone: EST, Washington DC

I play usually in the afternoon from 5:30 to 10 pm