LEJ - NGO Connections Requests

Use this thread for LEJ-NGO Connections

L and X aircraft only max 5 of each type for departures

Looking for a connection from my LEJ to your PRG.

Timezone: GMT +1
Username: vardacostaa

Awating! :hugs:

Your NGO my LEJ


Username: Patista


1). Game User ID: eg. marc5435
2) Timezone UTC −05:00 - Montréal
3) I play during the day but mostly around 6pm to 11 pm.

Building a large fleet now at NGO.

Looking for connection, I have no planes to send yet, so if you are looking to complete the acheivment don’t connect with me
GMT -6
Available throughout the day, will message you if not or you sent planes at bad time
Adding this so I can post this (system says it’s too similar to what I’ve recently posted)

Still looking for this

Game ID: TroublemakingBugbear
Timezone UTC +6:00 bangladesh
Looking for connection from my NGO to your LEJ

Still looking for this, recently learned that it counts for both if only one person handles the others planes so if you want to the acheivment, let’s connect

I can help with this (:slight_smile:
Have a nice fleet at NGO on standby

Sorry already connected with stefan_XS, should have mentioned that when he connected