LEJ - SAN Connections Requests


Use this thread for LEJ-SAN Connections

L and X aircraft only max 5 of each type for departures

Looking for a connection from my LEJ to your PRG.

Timezone: GMT +1
Username: vardacostaa

Awating! :wink:

Looking for connection, I have no planes to send yet, so if you are looking to complete the acheivment don’t connect with me
GMT -6
Available throughout the day, will message you if not or you sent planes at bad time

Still looking

Still looking…

Hey, I can connect with you. I need both connections: my NGO/SAN to your LEJ
my ID is: Stefan_XS

Sounds cool! I’ll send the request

Looking for connections! My LEJ to SAN.
Username: ukplanespotter757
Timezone: BST
Play randomly throughout the day.

Looking for connection to my LEJ to your SAN

Player name is T4fty iXi and play GMT+1

Still free, if anyone interested feel free to send a request.

Request sent

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I’m looking for connection from my LEJ to your SAN
my timezone is utc+2, and I play from afternoon to evening
username: kryll26
waiting for your request

Connect From my LEJ to your SAN now

UTC +1

Player Fabriz1980

Hey all.
Looking for a connection from my LEJ to your SAN.
My timezone is -8 (PST) and I am active all throughout the day and night.
User: Von Zivs
I am also an airline pilot so you will be getting random planes throughout the day/ night when I am in between flights. Send a request over!


Looking for a connection from LEJ to SAN

ID: Brocktherock 92
Timezone: EST, Washington DC

I play usually in the afternoon from 5:30 to 10 pm

Looking for a connection from my LEJ to your SAN.
Timezone: UTC +2 (CEST)
Username: Kittyhawk5
Favourite time for playing - all day.