Let’s talk airport management…

General Idea:
Personally, I consider myself an airport enthusiast, rather than plane enthusiast. I love airports as a whole but dissecting the management aspect and discovering the ins and outs of airports are so very fascinating to me. I could go on and on about airport suggestions and liveries to make for the game and specifically for some airports but as of now I want to get to airport management. Now first off, I don’t want to make this a novel to read but the information I have and my implication of suggestions maybe something considerable to read. Airport management is based on many things like revenue, taxes, consistency, and obviously efficiency. I feel as though this game and the extravagant community behind it, is starting to float away from the airport aspect and getting more into the airline aspect of the game (nothing wrong with that btw lol) but I would love to give some tips on how to maintain a balance.

How airport management can be better imported into the game:
Well first we have to look at what is World of Airports, the object of the game is to manage airports and, (now) or your airline. Managing airports in this game looks like partial air traffic controller, making ground crew maneuvers, and adding dept. slots and arr. slots for destinations. Ok, great that is good enough to keep players busy. But where the issue for me comes in is…I think some people want a realistic type airport CEO experience, added on to the original concept of the game. What does that look like? Well, scheduling arrivals and departures on a weekly schedule layout to your exact liking, Seeing how certain aircraft and airlines can help make money for your airport and the airlines as well. Choosing your specific airline and aircraft and figuring out the demand for your airport and the aircraft’s destination.

Why would it make the game better:
First of all, it would be a decent amount of money and time put in to execute these ideas. But do I think they are worth it? 100%. If we think about it… I know I wasn’t the only person to download this game just because it included somewhat realistic airport management. Heck, I bet 25% of people who downloaded Unmatched ATC downloaded it because of choosing your own airlines for your airport. Is that management? no. but it’s a step closer. The demand for airport management games (especiallyyyyyyy on IOS and android) are higher than most people think and it would definitely do the game better to lose money of a concept that could make them that same amount in less than a week of release.

So in conclusion of this “novel” some would say, the point I am trying to make is that the airport management aspect is there (meaning it has potential)…but not totally apparent. Shifting the focus from more hands on ground crew and atc work to more management isn’t going to be easy but I am an advocat for removal of the ground crew and atc thing. From Airport Simulator to Airport CEO Simulator seems like a non-appealing work load but nothing is impossible in the World of Airports.

P.S. I am looking to fund a project, one of the devs who read this contact me if your interested, thanks!

I can forward this on to the devs. All I can say at this point is that the focus has been on building out a big enough game to make things flow, there are still plenty of game play solutions I believe are on the roadmap to implement especially from the airport side, but the priorities for development and release are obviously set by the devs and alas I am not party to what they are and I likely wouldn’t be able to say anything even if I were.

Some good thoughts and I will see what they say

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