Letadla hráčů / Players airplanes

Je možné posílat vlastní letedla na konkrétní hráče?
V praxi bych rád poslal letadlo ke kolegovi na letiště.
Plánuje se nějaké propojení hráčů?
Že bych si hráče vyhledal podle uživatele a mohl mu poslat letadlo.

Hi Marty,

my czech is very poor (maybe even worse than google translate) but I will try to take that one.

Sending planes to a friend - yes that is on our mind but it seems natural to have this feature when player own airports are introduced. Additionally we have a plan to have a feature of “estabilishing connection” with your friend online.

Currently other player planes will land on your airport if you are lucky one - they just land on one player airport when you have empty slot for arrivals and other player plane is landing. Of course more and more player planes are there in the air every day so it will happen more often.

Hope this helps.

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Jak mám poslat letadlo kamarádovi na letiště? Mám spojení Bari-Praha a když v Bari odesílám letadlo, tak se nevidím, že bych ho odesílal kamarádovi.