Let's discuss the settle of seat layout

As we’ve seen, the seat layout can be settled by ourself. Of course, the final goal for it is to get the higher revenue from contracts. The key of that maybe is the ratio of each seats class. In my case, I’ve settled the number of business-class seats twice that of the first-class, and the rest seats are economy-class. I don’t know whether my layout can get profitable. I just ask the settle realistic plan to ChatGPT and search the seat map of All Japan Airways.

I’ve gone with close to reality as I can based on the options available

So for example an A320 I’ve gone with between 8 and 16 business class.

It would be awesome if we had premium economy so essentially a 3 class system, but this is a great start

So do I. By the way, do you think the A320 is profitable in this version? The most profitable plane in the last version, A319, got price-up. The difference in price between A319 and A320 is not large. However, The A320 can settle more business seats, which may possibly get higher revenue than economy seat. For that, the cost performance between A319 and A320 may be close.

Technically… every plane is profitable since you don’t have to scrap them. It’s just a question of how soon.

In the recent version, the maintenance system is still working, which means the planes need to be scrapped at last. But also what you said is also true. The topic is how much revenue we can get from each plane during its whole life.