LFC - Prague to INN & BRI

Hi, Am looking for connections to Bari and Innsbruck and potentially Washington from Prague

My Username is Jfmidcarolina so please give me an add. I’m usually online mid afternoon GMT and evening times.

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Mine is DidiBood if you need it. I’m mainly playing in prg. But usually goes to Bri once a day to send my planes

I play daily innsbruck , bari and prague
atleast once a day
i play in the evening
My user name is CoralSound22
Request if sent would be accepted within one day.

do you require a connection with Washington? from Prague?

My user name is CoralSound22 please request for it .
The request would be accepted within 3 hrs from now

it says u have a connection already from my Washington to your Prague.

just provide your username and i would send the request to you after 3 hrs.
will that do to you?
I also need connections to my innsbruck and bari.
Can you help?

yeah sorry misread it.

I’m at Innsbruck currently, got 3 planes, IGN is Jfmidcarolina.

you would recieve a request soon
I play daily once a day
at around this time only but today i would be a bit late
we can chat here just mention my username
If you want you would be mentioned in my youtube channel if we make a good connection
I’m providing my youtube channel link here

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