LFC with Bari from IAD

Hi there I am trying to complete my Bari accolade and was looking for Bari players to send me large planes to IAD, I can reciprocate too.
Also, if any players from PRG are looking for an active player to send them planes from IAD I have free spot, you don’t have to send planes as I have already got that one so you can disconnect once you have your accolade.


Thank you.

Hello! I need 41 more in airport streak on my PRG to someones IAD. Although you seem to have enough, I still have 7 Concords standing there, so it should be finished quickly.
Kullenarisk, CET (+1)

Good morning, still needing your PRG -IAD? @JensK

I just connect to one before you, but once that person manage to handle one, I move on to you. It won’t be until tomorrow Brazil time. Keep the place open please.

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I’m available now, but it said you already have a connection. Please add “kullenarisk” from your PRG to my IAD.

hey Jensk, I dont really need anyone from PRG I need connections to Bari so if you are willing to help someone else in need go ahead, no offence taken! :relaxed:



Would you mind just doing 14 more? That’s all I need to be completely done with PRG - puh :slight_smile: , and you’ve been tremendously good! But if you feel to tired of it, I understand that too :slight_smile:

9 left :slight_smile:

It’s very kind of you to continue although you don’t need them. I actually this one with Shill a few times, but every time we almost were done, he had to help the developers with something, and we lost our count since it had to be within 24 hours in those days. Then I finished it with someone else, and then they added to total to the airport rather then just to a person, and since it didn’t count backwards, I had to start all over again… So by now I’m up to around 350 from my PRG… I honestly never want to see it again! Haha. So with this said, you hopefully understand how grateful I am that you cared to keep the connection long enough for this last few planes. Cheers mate!

Hey sure man, not a problem I think I misunderstood some earlier post.

And done! Thank you very much for keeping with me for this last few. I terminate the connection so you won’t be spammed by any more Concords :smile:

Hey no problem you’re welcome. Thanks for the Concorde accolade.
Those planes are fast wow (flying here and processing through airport too), shame they make so little money.

Indeed, cuties, lovely for the deeds, and as easy to handle as an E190, but also pays as such but taking a L stand and landing time. So I normally didn’t use them very much before the achievements arrived.

@MetalOrc358 thx for accepting my request from PRG:)

Sure, no problem!

@MetalOrc358 hey, if you still need it or want it, i can offer you an IAD connection to my BRI. As of yet, i dont have any L airplanes (working on the first one) and since there are only 2 slots at BRI it would take a long time to finish those 100 flights but i like the game and it doesnt hurt to try, unless you find a more dedicated player, in case you are actually still looking for that connection.


Thank you I am still looking and I would not mind the slow progression but I believe there is a bug going on that would make your planes land at my PRG. I’ve only tried with random players so far, I wouldn’t mind trying again with a manual connection.

Send me a connection req please.

I think they’ve changed something, the planes of mine you are handling at PRG go on my total and player count as well. I haven’t been able to handle any of your one or two you sent me but the count has gone up 17.
If i send you many to Bari hopefully will be the same.

As far as i can tell, im probably handling about 60% of your airplanes. - I’m very unlikely to handle planes that arrive between 19:00 and 05:00 UTC, so that could be a way to optimize that :wink:

ok I will keep that in mind.