LHR Bug reporting

@carlsberg72 please move to the correct section.
Alone standing jet bridge at pax stand 309 + 311


Not a correct section to move to, you need to report it to support@flyboys.games and they will log it.


Firstly, a big thank you to the team for this breathtaking London airport! You’ve done brilliant work! It’s large, it’s versatile, and it’s truly detailed! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And, of course, thank you for sneaking into my schedule and releasing it at the start of my vacation!

Naturally, for both your support and to make the start a bit easier, I invested 70€ right away, securing the first 60 realistic contracts with British Airways (M).

There’s really little to complain about; minor bugs, like planes crossing and “touching,” will surely be fixed soon. A big thanks for planes from T4 and Cargo only crossing the runway and not taking off there as well (as in MCT).

However, I do have one suggestion for improvement. When S or M planes head to Terminal 5, they take a different, later exit than planes heading to Terminal 2 or 3, causing delays and longer landings. If all S and M planes exited at the same nearest point, it would significantly enhance the later gameplay. Additionally, the imaginary point when the next plane is cleared for landing is 6-7 seconds after leaving the runway. This could use some adjustment. I’m already noticing delays with 60 contracts and can imagine what it’ll be like with three times that number eventually.

Otherwise, from my perspective, there are no issues, just praise!



Any of the crossing, touching issues, please report them direct to the devs with screenshots and locations via the bug reporting process. Otherwise I am delighted you are happy with it so far. We cleared a lot of those issues during testing and the devs definitely want to know about them

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Did the dev & testers miss that aircraft are reporting to be on finals to, taxiing to, or taking off from “runway 26”?

No, I reported it to them, just couldn’t get fixed in time.

Thanks Andy. It’s a trivial point I made because the overall look of LHR is good,

Two minor bugs:

  • The aircraft around the starting stands do not foolow the taxi lines, instead they travel on the left of the line

  • Stand lines do not appear on the 2d map

EDIT: Adding on, it feels like when opening LHR (only airport I’ve played so may be present in others) you get launched into an eternal night, after playing for 1hr 30mins in the background, it had only just started to be sunrise. Could be a bug or a feature, odd either way.

I can confirm fixed in 2.2.1 that is under test at the moment

Also voiceovers have been fixed in 2.2.1, so no more counting to 100 and crackly voices

Are the jetway numbers correct in 2.2.1? Cause all the gates being single jetway is a little sad

Yes, the devs said in the stream that they are currently researching which gates have double and triple jetways

I don’t rwcal them saying it would come in 2. 2. 1

I assume it will

Let’s try to not assume, only say so if it is 100% confirmed. Otherwise the community will have false hope…

Oh mb I dont want discord to start going crazy :sweat_smile:. If you havent seen I just edited it.

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I cant find heathrow in the seletion list

2.2.1 is a hot fix, double and triple jetways will come later

Ok so a350 isn’t coming in 2.2.1 just to clarify