LHR Bugs

I am still suffering from LHR, I believe there is a bugs, the game keeps shutting down, and then I have to open the game, sometimes also the game doesn’t open easily and it takes time, and again it kick me out.

I hope there is a new update soon.

Have you reported to the devs at support@flyboys.games

If the issue is the game crashing, have you tried putting the game graphics to fast? It helped me prevent crashes, which was frequent for me in the past.

I just tried to change the setting from balanced to fast but the game still crashes, even from other airports, any time trying to change settings game shuts down, even sometimes I am trying to switch between the cameras also game crashes :disappointed:

I switched it from the home screen, not an airport. Had the same thing happen.

Thanks for your reply, I am going to send the email right now, what is devs mean?

I just tried to Switch from Home screen, and it worked I change to fast.
I hope it will not crash again.

It may or may not work. The devs will have the final say if they find that there is something wrong… :slight_smile:

What is devs mean?

Developers (people who make the game)