LHR Local Contracts

I’m now level 36 on LHR so have been playing it for a considerable amount of time and the only local contracts I get offered are BA E170’s.

When I look at the contracts map there are many A319, A320 local contracts and I want it to be as realistic as possible.

Does anyone know how the offering system works for local contracts? Is it bugged? Is there a certain number of E170’s you need to accept before others appear or am I just very unlucky? I don’t really want to spend wollars on opening local contract routes.

Apologies mods if this should be in an existing thread.

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Yeah it’s also happening to me I am at IAD and the are 738,B38 and 757 and the a320 regional contracts but they aren’t offering it,the offer the e170/175 and crj900

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