LHR “Name That Gate” Quiz

So I’ve created a little fun game… from the image below of a completely full LHR, one plane has yet to arrive at its gate. Your job is to be the first to reply in the comments the vacant gate number.
Happy searching….

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What’s the reward?

Not everything in life needs a reward…. Just the sweet satisfaction of victory

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I’ve gone through all the gates, there aren’t any I don’t think

Ok there is definitely no plane missing I checked every gate

Their deffo is… I just double double checked

Gate 414

That is goooood work Mr Williams… congratulations

Here is the next one….


Gate 351?


It would have helped if I didn’t have a plane in that gate lol. Oh well. 30 mins gone last time, 30 more mins to be used

Is it 351?

Without looking at the comments it’s there at T5

Congrats SBChris… you got it


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There isn’t a stand there

There is…. Its right there…

He’s talking about what @QGFSC said

There is at the LHR but they use it to keep the baggage trolleys.