LHR - Optimisation Of Usage (Dev/Team)

Should watch some live feeds, one is Big Jet TV.

I’m glad they did this it’s more realistic and is ideal for special events, you can get L BA aircraft from Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and some other European destinations. As said hopefully get IB and Finnair A350. Though are missing IB A330 in game.


Hi Carl.

Has there been any news on this from Kuba and team. I don’t want to tag Kuba and not sure how often you peeps talk.

Now at 130+ and taking 1hr 30 - 2hrs just to land these. I have taken a small break hoping some changes would have happened to core gameplay loop.


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The only thing is what they have talked about which is the new pathways to allow more flexibility. I have 276 at LHR and I can’t get them all down, however it does feel with the exception of the West Cargo that things do appear to be moving a little quicker.
I know they are aware of the issue, but I am not sure what the plans are at this time im afraid.