LHR - Optimisation Of Usage (Dev/Team)

Hi Devs / Carl

I know what your response will be with this but just hear me out please.

The utilization from High Speed exit’s is really poor.

Example for T5 arrivals it’s taking 40S with tower on.

I can now comment on this as I have over 60+ aircraft mainly M/L and have found issues with the current model.

Now I know your gonna say well just slow down enjoy the game but I cannot, unfortunately I cannot spend 2 hours a day on WOA as I have things to do. You leave the game and your reset again your departures are gone and by the time I return I have 60+ aircraft back waiting.

I am asking here for the devs to give the user the options on playstyles. Can you give us options on what exit’s we can use for each exit/terminal and speed.

If not then can I ask for potentially an additional server which allows a slowed down rate of time due to this and altering some of the settings.

I understand your crowdfunding at the moment especially with the new airports being released and that makes sense you need more cashflow to develop and pay bills.

Just asking for myself and on behalf of the community if options can be explored.



@kubasan for reference. One thing I will say (as the high speed exits are beyond my knowledge of what’s possible in the game)

I doubt you will get selectable pathways any time soon. The pathways are built into the base game logic (one of the reasons why reverse weather conditions for pathing has not been implemented for example) so they are not easily coded or changed.

I get you don’t have 2 hours to play. I don’t either to be honest, but I make the best of it and climb up the levels as fast as I am able.

I will defer from here. The 4% on taxiing does make a little difference, but I think some of what is being asked for may not be possible from a coding aspect of this particular game and to keep the file sizes in check. It would almost need a separate game in my opinion. But that’s just my opinion

Hi Carl,

Yeah understandable was just an ask.

The 4% taxiing is on as well from my end as I thought this would help as I understand the logic it turns into a “taxi” phase as soon as the landing lights go off an turns to exit.

It might be me on the 4% but I do see little difference on this phase in regards to the exiting of aircraft.

I did ask for calculation’s on the difference, when I did my tests I seen 0 difference with tower on and off in regards to the exit for T5 and stayed at roughly 40s

Appreciate the response.


You are Right Bro

Maximum airport have these issue and internally they made this game very slow…

I want to dev n team, it’s not increase your gameplay time, people get irritating and start deleting…

Try to add features
If we use tower option and go to 2nd airport
Then it’s should play in background…

To be honest, I’m sick and tired of 100 planes waiting to land and another 110 waiting for departure after leaving the game for 2-3 hours. Seriously, I have 226 contracts at LHR and I’m already level 73… I kinda stopped playing it 2 days ago coz I’m getting tired of seeing planes returning in 10mins, 20 mins, 30mins… I even canceled all my short haul flights, no more Brussels nor Amsterdam nor Helsinki nor Casablanca from my LHR. When you go long-haul, but then a return from east Asia for only 4-5 hours, you never get a decent amount of time of handling those jets at gates either a suitable time for a round trip; what’s worse? When you wake up to this game, you only feel messy and frustrated by looking at 100+ planes waiting for mommy to feed’em, not an excitement anymore! Devs should really consider some options for 2 groups of people

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but the fact is that you were able to progress so quickly is because of this

i would like to have options like 1xspeed and 3xspeed

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Well boy, no. It’s because I spend money on the game. I buy GP then I get the premium pass, but a lot of you guys don’t actually play the game with finding a great solution to boost things up

As the other post also mentioned, clearly, this game needs this 3X speed so that you get to level up, yes, I couldn’t agree no more but it should be only the beginning

But guess what? You think because of the current speed has helped me leveling up so fast but lots of people on discord are still finding it very hard to boost things up in short times, tho, they just don’t know what is the logic and the most efficient way of playing it

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It helped me to level up to so fast so I thought the same might have helped you too.
I maxed out the levels in INN airport just in 7 days
Without spending money.
i Haven’t unlocked LHR yet so I don’t know about that.

Well, LHR is definitely one of hardest to level up, unlike MCT, you can get B773 and B789, and also A380 from Doha and Dubai within short time, I’m not even sure what’s wrong with devs that they don’t allow you to fly L
planes to LHR within european region, which makes things harder for you to get wollars and silver planes. Therefore, MCT and LEJ who are considering L size airports, they are so much easier than LHR

Tho, all of these won’t stop you growing fast if people really know how to use the right way to play it

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Still it is fun and after the loooonng taxi times at sxm it feels much better.
Player contracts appear the best way for progressing fast for me. And for the speed part, i usually activate tower managers at 6X for landing the planes and then just do something else while they land. Then I handle them. Also the favourite feature is also good if you don’t want to see or manage all the contracts together.


Did you not get Finnair A330? And no doubt when new A350 model arrives we get Finnair and IB A350 who fly into LHR.

And LHR is an X airport not a L.

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There nothing wrong with the taxing or exiting the runway it’s like it is in real life watch them land on Flightradar or people who do livestream at the airport, no aircraft lands when aircraft is half way over taxiway and runway as the following aircraft will have to do a go around.

Not sure what problem is really as I think it’s brilliant addition to WOA and glad they did do one of the busiest airport in the world.


I’m finding LHR to be easier to level up than MCT tbh (with the taxi times at MCT)
I still think the decision to change the XP requirements to level up from 2.0 to 2.0.1 wasn’t the best decision. IIRC it had something to do with players planes making so much XP. I personally don’t usually use my own planes and try and stick to realism
The devs should’ve changed it in a different way cause leveling up SXM for example to get LHR was hell.
And now I’m seeing the same thing with other airports.

And now I don’t wanna play SXM cause all the XP I gain now will go to waste and then they’ll add more levels again and it’s gonna be another pain to level up.


Rapid exit taxiways are not being utilized like they are in real life. The planes slow down drastically and taxi slow on them whereas in real life they can exit at higher speeds to clear the runway. That’s I think what the point is.


Which they really don’t do at LHR as the landing caps are timed perfectly especially bigger aircraft.

I’ve never been to LHR to give any real opinions but as someone’s who’s been in aviation in different sectors, One thing is nothing is perfect even when planned and those rapid exit taxiways are in place for a reason. And I highly doubt that LHR is exempt from them being utilized as they must
Even in AMS had I seen them being used with planes taxing in at high speeds to make sure the runway is clear for the next to land

Fin A333 was given and that is quite unrelated. The thing is that it doesn’t allow you to sign passenger L contracts within European region, well, the only airport you get L passenger planes is Istanbul if you’d consider it as one of the european region. Unlike MCT, you can get A380, B789, B773 all fly in from only 400nm away (Dubai, abu dahbi, Doha…) for LHR not having the same standards, it is odd!!!

And LHR is only referred as L airport by devs, there’s never been an X airport in the category but only referred as X by players on discord tho


Developer wants
You people spend lots and lots time there…

If u opt out tower option, it should be running in background…

Please vote that if they can update this

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Trying to get this thread back on topic and constructive as opposed to a complain fest…

I think some of the issues with pathing is many of the devs decisions in recent airports are less logical than some of the older ones. Let’s compare IAD, SAN, and LHR for example.

  • At IAD, regardless of where in the airport the plane is going, it exits the runway based on plane size. planes can taxi across the airport in both directions because there is multiple sets of taxiways.
  • At SAN, all of the M pax planes use different exits based on where in the airport their assigned gate is. Planes only taxi in one direction as there is only 1 set of taxiways.

All of this is pretty logical. LHR doesn’t have this…

(Image courtesy of Geo on Discord)

Taxiway N5W (red) for S/M planes going to T1, T2 and T3 Pier 6
Taxiway N6 (blue) for all L/X planes, or S/M planes going to T3A, T3C and T5
Taxiway S6 (yellow) for all S/M/L/X planes going to T4 and Cargo Terminal
Taxiway S7 (green) for all S/M/L planes going to Cargo Terminal West

If we break this down, all of the passenger tiers north of runway 09R/27L (T1-3, T5) are serviced by two taxiways allowing for bidirectional travel without adding extra logic to holding back, etc. Yet, unlike IAD, the taxiway planes exit at depends on stand location, so S/M planes heading to terminal 5 and most of terminal 3 stay on the runway for longer, slowing down airport operations. This change alone would improve airport operations by a significant margin by reducing runway occupation times.

It terms of the south side of runway 09R/27L - the taxiway assignments are logical for cargo and L/X pax for T4. With only a single taxiway, it’s logical for it to be one way to prevent complicating the code. What I’d like to see is for S/M pax heading to T4 to exit via taxiway S5W, directly across from N5W. The lines are drawn showing an exit path there in the direction the runway operates, so it seems that the taxiway not being used is an oversight.

These are minor things, but would very much improve airport operational efficiency especially for players handling 100 planes.

As to @Nikoko’s point

This is why I’ve switched to player only at all airports… it’s the only way to have some sort of “finished” state in the airport which is nice as a player. I’d encourage the devs to prioritize implentation of more social features like Alliances in order to encourage more of this gameplay type, as just landing the endless stream of AI planes gets boring fast.


Hi CJ,

Just getting back on to this thread myself and agree with the stream of complaining vs constructive feedback. I would also agree some of these changes would actually improve ops at LHR for potentially better flow however T5 S/M exits at N6 is too slow would prefer it to be N5W for now until dynamic taxiing is in place.

To some other points for other players this thread was to allow dev’s to look at options for players who prefer a much more realism based / improve the AI logic of exiting runways at a higher rate of pace for efficiency.

In addition for other players and also again the suggestion was to allow for customization as every player has a preference. Personally I will use / assign real world only routes and gates. Other players enjoy the fleet builds and alliances, and others just enjoy playing it. My other suggestion for the devs is a 1x server but with adjusted values I would personally play that etc.

Either way it’s up to Kuba and team but right now the flow of operations does need to be a priority in my eyes.