LHR runway occupancy time

I noticed a certain issue at LHR with taxiway exits. Aircraft of size S and M often use exits designated for size L aircraft. This creates a problem as the airport traffic is low due to the extended runway occupancy time. Have you observed similar situations at your location?


The biggest issue with LHRs runway occupancy in my opinion is the fact aircraft aren’t recognised as being clear of the runway until well after they have actually left the runway. If it was slightly updated to once the aircraft’s tail has left the runway the next arrival can land and it’ll hopefully result in a higher throughput of planes, similar to how IAD currently is in game


Yeah I noticed it too. And especially cargo S&M planes heading to stands 611-616

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It is much more noticeable now that I have around 130 contracts (S, M > L), the control tower set to 6%, and about 50 aircraft constantly queuing for landing. It seems to be a quite cumbersome issue, significantly restricting the airport’s development. It is frustrating for me as I don’t see the need for scaling.

That’s how it is at Heathrow in real life though. Watch on flightradar when they land on runway 27L.

Again they don’t do that at Heathrow in real life either, if an aircraft is half on the taxiway and half on the runway it’s a go around.

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Whilst that’s a fair point, with the sped up nature of the game slightly adjusting it to allow an aircraft to land slightly earlier (say 2 or 3 seconds) will help get more aircraft in throughout one play session, and make LHR that bit busier


so, I’ve begun setting up all my landings, getting on with stuff for a few hours, come back to my phone and they are all landed waiting to be serviced. Takes away a bit of the wait time, does mean you need tons of services but you can do like 30 planes at a time with a high level of handling crew. just an idea…


See I’m not fussed about that, what I would like is if we can chose random landings by the tower or landings but it starts from top of the list and works it way down as that be alot easier especially someone like me who has over 235 contracts.

That is something I can most certainly get on board with, some kind of priority system to get the important stuff like connections or event arrivals down first

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I think another thing devs can do is to do something on the runway crossing system. I agree that speeding up the handing time causes some issues in the game but I am fine with the runway exit position.

Currently runway crossing has the highest priority and there is no control over that. In most cases you have to do it mannually to avoid wasting precious time for landing planes. Because planes only automatically starts crossing when:

  • The landing plane fully exits the runway
  • The landing plane has passed the intersection point when the plane waiting outside the runway has reached the runway holdon position.

An issue here is that when the landing plane has already passed the intersection point, the plane that intends to cross will still wait there.

In some rare cases, there will be endless planes waiting to cross the runway and there is no way you can optimize that and thus, there might be a 30 seconds gap between two landings.

I don’t think optimizing this is that hard by coding and that time can be actually saved, especially in an airport that really honors higher efficiency.


The lack of optimization in the runway crossing time is preventing me from developing that part of the airport.

Fully agree, the runway crossing at LHR causes a fair few headaches for me, as you also can’t tell and aircraft to cross until the aircraft has left the runway if it reaches the holding point whilst another aircraft is landing, when in reality when the aircraft landing has cleared the intersection the other can cross, a system which has worked well at MCT since release


The exit is correct if you watch them land on flightradar, if I noticed an aircraft waiting to cross I click on it and make it cross after landing aircraft has passed it.

Also wondering how many contracts do you all have?

That’s the case I feel fine with that as we’d like to make things looking realistic.

That is what many people are doing! But sometimes I failed to make that due to I did not pay enough attention!

Very close to 300…

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I’m pretty sure the developers, watched the landings on flightradar :sweat_smile:

Tbh I’m the same though too busy doing other stuff to realise.


The only real solution is activating the other rwy for landings as well.

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It would be a lot better if BOTH runways were used for landings like IRL. Because only one is used, only half the stands at the airport are ever occupied. Its like a ghost town.

For users who have many contracts the permanent flooding of too many planes could be reduced with returning to realistic flight times. Since 2.0 all the planes fly at supersonic speed, therefore they return before you could handle the rest.