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Happy Birthday BA

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Wait? It’s BA’s Birthday?

Yes and no, it was their actual 50th anniversary yesterday, but the management seem to think they turned 100 in 2019 because of the way BA came to be from the merger of a load of other airlines and their origins


So real would be like the AN225 contract at IAD

Hence the retro 747 and a319 liveries

What is the odd one out?

Is it the China Airlines A350?

Welcome to Hell! :smiling_imp:
Millions of passengers already angry because of it.

This last picture i sent to the Devs before makeing this.

Yes, it is the only non uk airline in the frame

Normal services resume…


Quick question: where was the 3 A380s heading to? I bet there going to AWA players

The two in the bottom picture are AWA but the one on the first picture is not.

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Time to shrink some journeys!


USA carriers in London