LHR to the world! Update 24/04

Hello to all readers and enthusiasts of the game!

I’m looking for new reliable players to take my planes from LHR.
As you level up, new aircraft are constantly being added and they want to travel all over the world. I’m in the process of building this airport and play almost every day, but not just LHR!

I’m happy to accept planes from other players, whoever I can and is allowed to send can of course also send them to me.

What’s really important to me is reasonably good reliability; I don’t want to send aircraft to partners that I won’t see again for a week.

Best regards
Watti99 (in-game name)

Update 24/04:
No Plane

You can send any flight to my IAD
Username- stuccoakash2

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Kaseyap for PRG or SAN

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Thanks, unfortunately the 757F from LHR can only be controlled to LEJ, all other player airports are surprisingly closed :frowning:

But I will send you the BCS1 I just received to PRG - thanks for your offer!

Can you send it to me at Leipzig my username is StrangestSlice77

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