Lights and Landing Minigame Video

Continuing the discussion from Micro-spoilers (pre announcement show-off):

Now this looks fantastic!!

@shill Question: Does the concept of crashing a plane on landing exist here? Or is it more about attempting the perfect landing (and maybe some kind of reward)?


Crashing a plane is out of question. Aviation fans do not want to crash a plane.
Even untouched it will land anyway but not in a good way (no reward).


Excellent. I couldn’t agree more, and I’m happy to hear it. I wasn’t sure what the scope was here. I’m really looking forward to this minigame. I’ve been a pilot for about 16 years, and a sim pilot for almost 30! Obviously this is what has drawn me to this game in the first place. This is a welcomed addition to a unique simulation. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It looks pretty cool, will the difficulty increase with the size?

Maybe they could even add some other random factors such as turbulence or crosswinds


I love this. Looking forward to trying it out whenever it is released

It is hard to say bigger airplabes are more steady on approach in real life bit harder to fix mistakes thou.