List of Playable Airports

Does anyone know if there is a list of playable airports regardless of which airport you are flying from?

The list is literally in game but
INN Innsbruck
BRI Bari
PRG Prague
IAD Washington DC
NGO Nagoya Chubu centrair
SAN San Diego
MCT Muscat
LEJ Leipzig
SXM Sint marteen/Princess Juliana
LHR London Heathrow
Coming soon:
SYD Sydney
Unknown amount of time but confirmed:
DEL New Delhi


Disclaimer with that one: it’s suspended indefinitely due to licensing issues. It will only happen if the license changes in the devs favor, meaning it may or may not happen.


or devs might find a way to do with the current runtime policy that is the only option left as unity wont change their policy anytime soon as many other game devs are okay with it

Unlikely, since they probably would have found a way by now. But possible.

Yea I dont think it can be solved as such.

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Far time
CPT Cape Town

That’s not definitely confirmed, so far SYD is the only 100% confirmed airport. We need to stop spreading speculation as fact.

Though CPT is highly likely in the future.