Looking connections in INN

Hello! Looking connections in Innsbruck
Need PRG and BRI
My GMT +2
My game nick hala1dala109

Hi all looking for PRG and NGO connections at my SAN cheers ! GMT+1 (Happybackhand)

Willing to do PRG for you!!
My in-game tag: USSRenegadeNCC1783

I, as well am looking for connections from INN. Same SN as here :slight_smile:

I can help you with Bari, my user is horsepowergeek

Awesome, thanks! I’ll send a request!

K I’ll be in bed soon, so if I don’t accept than I will later

Said you already have a connection so I’m not able to.

Try again, I just canceled it

Been having some odd issues only for INN on my end but hopefully it worked now! BRI works flawlessly though so I’m suspecting it is a glitch