Looking for connections to NGO


I’m levelling my NGO so I’m looking for Pax, Cargo, anything, any size (the bigger the better!)

I’ve unlocked all slots already and have 50+ contracts free, so send me as many as you wish.

IGN name is FocusedDictum70.

I’ve managed to play once a day for the last couple months and intend to keep it for a while, but I just wanted to let you good souls know in advance that I’ll probably won’t be able to renew it after the 10 landings due to a very important test incoming in real life I have to study for, so please don’t take me as ungrateful if I refuse renewing it…

Also, it might take me a few hours to accept the connection due to work, but I’ll certainly do it within a 24h window.

Thank you in advance and happy flying! =)

Thank you for everyone that helped, I’ve maxed NGO and will now be moving on to SAN :slightly_smiling_face: