Looking for contracts in MCT

Hello together,

I’m looking for contracts from MCT to players in the world. I just send a lot requests, and hope someone will send me too.

Greetings from 777Lopaka

Do you have an L aircraft if so send it to my LHR

name Ecoaviation not found

My username is actually PlasticMonkey4712 and I will accept on Friday afternoon

request send!

Cool I will accept it on Friday

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a A340-300 will visit you!

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So you have more L and M aircraft to send? As I really need some extra aircraft coming.

Just have a lot flying to LHR, to many players, since 3 days my new B 787-9 stay in SAN and not come back…
I need contacts to other citys too.

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new plane requested, its new from today!

Oh yea the A350 and the old zebra livery

I’m happy to receive planes from you in SXM. Playing daily so should have quick handling.
User: Neerg Air

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The next plane i will get or buy will fly to you

Accepted the contract, can’t wait to see your plane.

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If you guys have some planes left you can send it at my IAD
Username: Player6441009686

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can you send your next plane to IAD
L/X/M cargo and pax

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When I will buy a plane I will send you a contract

okay which plane

L or X or M pax or cargo plane you said any types of those planes

Which airport have you unlocked?