Lost Airport, Golden Airplanes, Purchases, everything

I was making a purchase through the World of Airports game, and had to sign in with my Apple ID. I couldn’t remember my password and reset it.

When I went back to the game, it acknowledged the sale, then logged out. When I signed back in, my airport was locked, gave me a new profile, and reset the whole game as though I were a new player.

Anybody know what I need to do?

i think your mobile used another account of yours to sign in into the game

Nope, I’ve only ever played this game on my Ipad. My correct profile is present on another game I play on the same Ipad.

I pad can be sambe but accounts used can be different
your i pad must be working on more than 2 email ids
so if you just want to use your previous account you need to temporarily sign out of the other email id and then enter the game and select the correct account you want and then you can re login to the device with the other email from which you signed out
If you do not understand then just ask me again I would tell you step wise

I’m having the same issue on my iPhone can you give a step by step breakdown of how to correct this? I’ve lost all my progress.