Lost all progress and in app purchases during last update…

The developers stole my money. I bought some golden planes a few months ago. And now they have disappeared so i thought I converted them into gray plane by mistake but no… If anyone has encountered the same issues tell me.
Have a nice day

The same thing happened to me, all my progress was deleted, my planes and my saved money, I don’t know who can solve this

Hey dude i sent a mail to the devs ill text you back after

Any update,? I lost mine aseell

Did you check the transfer tab?

Nop absolutely nothing

What is that?

Where you find your planes and destinations from the previous update. Nothing was wiped or “stolen”. If something is truly not there, contact the devs on instagram, Facebook, or email.

Well i am not the only one complaining about this. I emailed the devs a week ago still no response…

Just give them time, they did just release the biggest update in the games history and might be taking a few days off. This game is more of a passion project for them, they still have jobs and other responsibilities. If not, try a different method of contact.

A lot of people are complaining that their progress was wiped and insulting the devs, only to realize all that their stuff was in the transfer tab.

Yeah but non of my stuf is in the transfer tab… and i didn’t insult them