Love new mini game

I played new mini game and it’s great I love it and if it possible you should play it.
Great work😉

My first result:

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Strange… The update hasn’t came out yet for me or does it only affect IAD?

Can i play it on prg too ?

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I’m not certain… Also welcome to the World Of Airports Forum! Feel free to DM me if you have any questions!

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Update has just come out for me, just being told on google play it will take over 2 hours ((

I can not find where to play it

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It will appear randomly, you’ll get it soon.

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I received it now twice at PRG and once at IAD, first one at IAD was together with the first arrival of this beauty

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Its random (not happening every 2nd plane because there will be more events in future updates).
It should not happen every 2nd plane ratio is ~10% sometimes a little bit more.

Event is caused for marshall not in place on time - on any airport that is not typical event i guess :smiley:

And yes it happens at any airport.

My first perfect marshalling with @UnbendingMud’s B737. It gave me a wooping +75… woohooo


I wonder what’s the reward for the mini game,since i havent noticed any rewards for me

25-50-75-100 for perfect parking dependant on plane size.

My Qatari B787-9 at Prague airport (LKPR/PRG).:blush:

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I can’t figure out how to operate the little guys arms Help ,TIA

I wonder if these mini games give points. I could never do them right so I skip, but just curious.

Yes, they give you points if you manage to do 100% score in each of them.

I mean how do you use it in currency, or purchase?

The points you receive aren’t a currency (quite obvious really.) the points you get are points for season levels,1 per plane for each Perfect marshalling I believe. If you want the best way to play the game just have always skip on (in busy airports) so you can service more planes and receive more points. So yeah, no to the currency.